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New Feature: Support for Reddit image uploads

Starting today, Later for Reddit can upload your images to Reddit's own image hosting! Just select "Reddit" as your image upload option, upload your image, and watch in amazement as the image is magically uploaded to

Also, you can now flag Content items as NSFW, which is kinda nice.

Regarding the upcoming Reddit API changes

In early June, Reddit announced some upcoming changes to their API (that's the thing that lets Later for Reddit and other applications talk to Reddit). These have caused some big waves for Reddit app developers, yours truly included, but I want to state clearly and up front: Later for Reddit will stay calm and carry on.

July 2021 Ratelimit issues

Update July 10: While ratelimiting remains heavier than usual, the issue appears to be resolved. Most users should now be able to use Later with minimal impact. When in doubt, schedule 15 minutes apart!

As you may have noticed, Later for Reddit has...