Later for reddit


March 1, 2017

Introducing the new Later

If you're here than you've found it: the new Later for reddit.

What's new, you ask? Well, I went through the old RedditLater and found out what people were using it for; turns out that the most popular use case was the same as the one I made the site for: to share something you made with the world.

Here are the major changes of note:

"Posts" have been split into "Content" and "Post"

"Content" has the title and link/text to post. You can now x-post the same content to multiple subreddits. No reposting the same content to the same subreddit, though!

Plan structure changed

Before, the plans were: 1 post per week, 1 post per day, or unlimited posts.

Now, the plans are: 5 posts per month, 10 posts per month, and 30 posts per month. This has a few offshoots:

If you are an existing, paying user and are worried, don't be; all existing subscriptions are honored, as-is.