Later for reddit


March 3, 2017

Introducing Subreddit Suggestions

It can be tough to find subreddits to post your stuff. Usually there's a big, catchall sub like pics or funny or technology that you can start with, but these often prefer broad topics to niche ones and competition is usually fierce. But don't worry! If you're handsome and clever enough to be using Later to post, you now have the ability to see suggestions for what subreddits you should post to, based on others that you have already tried.

Here's what it looks like:

Where do the suggestions come from?

In general they come from the "Find the best time" page, aka the subreddit analysis tool. You see, I've been keeping track of which subreddits are searched in a given session, and, making the broad assumption that these are somehow related, have used those to build a weighted graph of which subs are searched in the same session as which other subs.

As you can see from the screenshot, results are imperfect, so I give you a pretty generous sampling of options to work with. As time goes on these results will only get better so stay tuned!

How should I best use it?

Just start with one of the big subs and work your way down! The list is (theoretically) sorted from best to worst match, so start from the left. If you hold your mouse on the items you'll get the calculated "weight" of that match (as a ratio of how many times the sub matched that suggestion to the number of times that suggestion appears, higher is better).