Later for reddit


December 17, 2017

New Feature Roundup: Improved Post Management

Over the past few weeks, I've added a few new features to Later for Reddit to make it easier than ever to manage your posts. Most of these are centered around the new post scheduling screen, available immediately to all users. Look how cool it is!

The new post scheduling interface

As you can see, adding new posts and x-posts is now even easier than ever before. But what other new features might you find in this exciting, unexplored territory?

Title Overrides

This is a long overdue feature. There are a lot of reasons why you might want a different title when posting to one subreddit than you might for another. Maybe that subreddit has specific rules about post titles. Maybe you want to be polite and add an "[X-post]" tag. Maybe your first attempt just flopped and you want to try again.

Previously, Later's answer for this was to encourage you to Copy your post and change the title. This worked ok, but was obviously not ideal. This new, better system simply allows you to override the default title (previously just called "the title") with a customized one.

Post Metrics

For the past week or so, the new metrics job has been collecting some data about the number of comments and upvotes your posts are getting. Now, after your post has been posted, you'll be able to see how your post is doing by clicking on the "Metrics" button next to the "Show Logs" one. (The button appears after 3 hours of metrics have been gathered, because otherwise the graph would be really boring).

Easy X-Posting

Basically, you can add a post without leaving the screen, then add a new one right away. If my notions about how this service is used are correct, this will be extremely useful to some of you – you know who you are.

That's all for new features… for now! If I missed anything, or if there's something else you'd like to see Later do, you can as always find me at /u/adambard and send me a PM!