Schedule your first post to Reddit

Just starting out with Later for Reddit? Start here!

How posting to Reddit with Later for Reddit (L4R) works

The 10,000-foot overview is:

  1. Sign in to L4R with your reddit account.
  2. Create some Content, which contains the link/text you want to post, along with a post title.
  3. Create one or more Posts, which specify which subreddit to post to at what time.

Step 1: Sign in to Later for Reddit

The first thing you’ll need to do to get started with Later for Reddit (L4R) is to sign in with your Reddit account.

First, Go to in your browser and make sure you’re signed in to Reddit with the user that you want to post as. This user will become your main way of signing in to Later for Reddit.

Next, head to and click the “Log In” link at the top right (or, just click here). This will redirect you to reddit’s sign-in confirmation page.

Click “Allow” to finish signing in. You have just signed up for Later for Reddit!

Step 2: Add your first Content

Before you can schedule a post, you’ll need something to post. Click the [+ Add Post] link in the sidebar (or click here) to begin.

The Content form contains the following fields:

Post Type

There are 2 basic types of Content:

  • Link, which are links to sites or images
  • Text, which are text posts

In addition, Later offers some extra flavors to choose from:

  • Link with Comment, which allows you to post a link and automatically adds a comment.
  • Upload Image, which uploads an image or (our in-house image host) and automatically puts its URL in the link field. It is also now possible to upload images to reddit (they’ll live on until the schedule d post time though).

Default Title

This is your post’s default title, which will be use unless you specify a different one during the next step. You can put whatever you want in here, up to a limit of 300 characters.

This is a URL to an image or website that you want to share. The Upload Image field is really a fancy version of the Link field (See Where do Uploaded Images go? in the FAQ for more information.)


This is either the content of the text post or the comment that you want to add. Reddit formats text using Reddit-flavored Markdown. You can use the post preview below the Text entry field to see how your formatting will look on Reddit.

Once you’ve created your content, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Schedule a post

After creating your content, you’ll find yourself on the Post Form page.

The post form has the following fields:

Post As

The Reddit User you want to post as. You may choose any user you’ve linked to your Later for Reddit account.


The subreddit you want to post to. This field will automatically offer text completion from the list of subreddits that you’ve posted to before.

Post Strategy

There are four options to choose from:

  • Post Now, which will immediately post to reddit.
  • Next 24 Hours, which automatically picks a time (based on the same data as the Post Analysis page).
  • Next 7 Days, which automatically picks a day of week and time of day to post for you (based on the same data as the Post Analysis page).
  • Custom Time, where you pick a particular date and time of day to post.


If you’ve selected Custom Time above, you’ll be presented fields to choose a date and time. All dates and times should be specified in your local time zone (as reported by your browser).

Title Override

If you want to post the same link or text with a different title than the default, you can specify it here. Leave it blank to use the default post title.

Advanced Options

  • Link Flair: If the chosen subreddit has flair defined, you can pick it from the dropdown here.
  • Mod Flair: If you are a moderator of the chosen subreddit, you can choose any flair you like.
  • Send Replies to Inbox?: If this option is selected, comments on your post will show up in your Reddit inbox. You’ll know if you need to disable this.
  • Sticky Post?: If you are a moderator, you can sticky this post.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully schedule a post to Reddit.

After scheduling a Post, you’ll be taken to the Content Detail page. Here, you can see all the posts you’ve made to Reddit with this content (including logs and metrics), and quickly schedule new posts using the form at the bottom of the page.