Using the Bulk Upload tool

How to schedule posts from a spreadsheet using the Bulk Upload tool.


  • Download the Bulk Upload template
  • Edit the template to add your posts and save as .xlsx
  • Upload the file

Where possible, sequential posts will be grouped together under a single Content. This requires the same type, link, and text.

Spreadsheet Definition

The Bulk Post tool will accept files in Excel (Microsoft Excel, .xlsx) and CSV (comma-separated values, .csv) format. The provided template uses the former format. In both cases, the first row should contain column headers. For CSV files, the column headers must exactly match the provided values documented below:

CSV Column name (* = required) Excel Column Description
title* A Post Title
type* B One of link, text, or link_with_comment
link C The URL of the link, for link or link_with_comment post types
text D The post text (for text post types) or comment (for link_with_comment post types)
subreddit* E The subreddit to post to.
schedule* F The date and time to post at. Excel spreadsheets must format this column as a date. CSV uploads should provide this column in ISO-8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)
username G The reddit username to post as. This user must be linked to your account.
strategy H Leave blank, or enter day or week to automatically adjust the post time according to the post time analysis (same as the “Best time” options in the post form).
link_flair I The exact text of the link flair to attach to your post. Leave blank for no flair.

More information about each of these can be found below.

A: Post Title (title)

This is the title for your post.

B: Post Type (type)

Should this post be a Link post, a Text post, or a Link post with a comment?

This field is required for link or link_with_comment post types. It must be a valid URL.

D: Text (text)

  • This field is required for text and link_with_comment post types.
  • For text types, it will be the post text, with a maximum of 40,000 characters.
  • For link_with_comment types, it will be the comment, with a maximum of 10,000 characters.

E: Subreddit (subreddit*)

This is the subreddit to post to. There is no need to prefix this field with “/r/”, but it’s no harm if you do.

F: Target Schedule (schedule*)

The date and time at which to post. If a Post Strategy of day or week is chosen, the exact posting time will differ. More details in the Post Strategy section.

It is important that this field be formatted as a date in Excel. For CSV files, ISO-8601 format (e.g. "2020-11-15T16:20:00") is required.

G: Reddit Username (username)

The exact reddit username to post this post as. Leave blank to use your default reddit account.

The user must be linked to your account.

H: Post Strategy (strategy)

  • Leave blank to post at the provided target schedule exactly.
  • Enter day to post during the best hour for the day of the week on which the target schedule falls.
  • Enter week to post during the calculated best hour for the week in which the target schedule falls.

(Warning: Computing the best time to post on a particular subreddit can take some time, so bulk uploads with post strategy requested on too many different subreddits may time out. We’re working on it! In the meantime, if you run into issues, consider splitting your file up a bit.)

More information about “best times”

See also: FAQ: Why does my bulk post upload time out?

You may optionally enter some link flair here. If flair is provided, it must be an exact, case-insensitive match for a pre-defined subreddit post flair.

You may also enter the exact id of the link flair, as retrieved by reddit’s API.

(Warning: Although less than post strategy, retrieving Link Flair from reddit to compare to your entered text can take a little time and cause timeouts. If you encounter this issue, for now, please split your spreadsheet up into multiple files.)