l4r.io: Image Hosting by Later for Reddit

What it is & how to use it.

For a long while, Later for Reddit has offered an image upload option when creating a post to paid users. Up until now, these images have been uploaded anonymously to imgur.com.

However, imgur.com has recently announced the following:

  • They will start deleting anonymously-uploaded images
  • They will no longer host NSFW images

Both of these put a damper on imgur’s usefulness as an image host for L4R’s purposes. So, we’re introducing a new image host just for paid users of Later for Reddit: l4r.io.

How does it work?

You can upload images just as before, only now:

  • Images are hosted by us at l4r.io
  • You can view and delete your uploaded images

And, of course, you can upload all the porn you want, as long as everyone’s consenting and over 18 and all that good stuff.

Uploading an image

You can upload an image the same as before, making sure to select the L4R option:

Managing uploaded images

You can delete an uploaded image anytime, from the new “Uploaded Media” option in the sidebar. Deleting an image will mark it as deleted and remove the image from the image host, but the record if it being uploaded will remain.

Please note that caching means that it may take a little time (let’s say, up to a day, though usually much less) for the image to stop being served by the edge nodes.

Where are the images stored?

Images uploaded to l4r.io are currently stored on Digital Ocean Spaces, in the New York region.