So Your Post Didn't Post

How to find, understand, and diagnose posting errors

The Post Log page is a useful tool for those times when a post you expected didn’t make it to Reddit.

Common reasons posts might fail

  • You tried to schedule too many posts too close together, and some failed due to ratelimiting
  • The post failed subreddit-specific validation
  • Your user is banned from that subreddit (or from Reddit)
  • Your user’s password was changed (this will invalidate Later’s stored access keys)
  • Reddit was down

To learn more about how to tell one of these from the others, read on!

How to view your past post logs

Click on Post Log in the menu. Here, you’ll see a page displaying Upcoming, Pending, and Past Posts. Find the post you’d like to learn more about, and click the grey arrow to the right of the row.

You’ll be greeted with the full log of attempts made to get that post on reddit. They will appear in reverse chronological order (most recent first), and display the time and the status of the attempt.

Here we see a post that hit rate-limiting twice before succeeding. Note that there may be several errors returned by reddit; only the first is displayed. You may see the full responses returned by Reddit with the “Show Response” button. This will display the the data returned by Reddit in response to the API request.

More Example Errors

Here are the post logs from a few common cases.

Authentication Failure

The USER_REQUIRED error signifies an authentication error. This usually means that the access token (technically, the refresh token) stored by Later for Reddit is no longer valid. The most common reason for this error is that the user’s password has changed, or that 2FA has been enabled for that Reddit account.

Post Validation Error

Later checks for some of the most common subreddit validation errors when you schedule a post, but there are still some cases where you may encounter them. The post response should contain an explanation of the error.