Linking Reddit Accounts

How to connect extra Reddit accounts to Later for Reddit

Reddit has Reddit accounts, and Later for Reddit has L4R accounts. Paid account users may link multiple Reddit accounts to a single L4R account. There are actually two things going on when you first link a Reddit account to L4R:

  1. The Reddit account is made available to post under
  2. The Reddit account is added as an authentication method to the L4R account

When you add a new Reddit account to your L4R accounts, the first of these always happens. However, a Reddit account can only sign into the first L4R account it was linked to.

Connecting your first Reddit account to Later for Reddit

The first thing you’ll need to do to get started with Later for Reddit is to sign in with your Reddit account.

First, Go to in your browser and make sure you’re signed in to Reddit with the user that you want to post as. This user will become your main way of signing in to Later for Reddit.

Next, head to and click the “Log In” link at the top right (or, just click here). This will redirect you to reddit’s sign-in confirmation page.

That’s it! Logging in and signing up follow the same process, it’s all connected to your Reddit account.

Connecting extra Reddit accounts to Later for Reddit:

The [+ Add Account] button is located on the Account Settings page, under the Linked Reddit Accounts section. Before you click the button, though, you’ll want to:

  1. Sign into the L4R account to which you want to add a new user.
  2. Sign into Reddit using the user that you want to add. (Or just log out of Reddit and wait until the next step to sign in).

Ok, you can go ahead and click that button now.

After clicking the button, you should be presented with Reddit’s confirmation page:

You may have noticed some links under each account. Here’s what each of those do:

Show Report

This will tell you a little bit about your Reddit account’s standing, and suggest some things you could do to raise your chances of automatic posts going through.

Set as Default

You can choose which linked Reddit account is the default. This has two effects:

  • The default Reddit account is shown in the sidebar
  • The default account is selected by default when scheduling new posts

The default Reddit account is always listed first.

Remove Account

This will remove the account from your Later for Reddit account. You will no longer be able to log in or post as this user. It is not possible to remove your last Reddit account, since this would leave your L4R account with no way to sign in!